Best GA4 Memes about the end of Universal Analytics

So most people in digital marketing have now heard that Universal Analytics is coming to an end in 2023. Its fair to say not everyone is happy about it. In fact, some are outright pissed off.

 Three things in life are guaranteed:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. When people are pissed off, memes are created

Therefore, we've scoured the web looking for the best memes about the end of Universal Analytics and the rise of GA4.


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One thing many of us haven't fully realised yet is that the way that GA4 reports on your metrics isn't just different, it requires a complete change of mindset. Some old metrics we took for granted, like bounce rate, no longer exist and we have to find different ways to report on engagement


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Of course, many of the amazing women who work in SEO are also annoyed by this news but what's the point of memes if we can't poke a little fun at the emotional fragility of us men eh?

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Google Analytics has been the industry standard reporting tool for websites for over a decade, but could all that change? Paid website tracking tools must be rubbing their hands together as they look to capitalise on us pissed off webmasters.

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The thing is, most people just don't know how to set up GA4. That means that those who do are going to be in high demand. And expensive.

However that will lead us onto...

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Yes, that's right. Be prepared to be inundated with LinkedIn requests from GA4 ninjas who can promise you expert advice on GA4, whilst also trying to sell you "high DA dofollowed backlinks".

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Should we be scared of this monumental change to the entire world of digital marketing? Yes. Yes we should. We should be running around like scared children.

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But don't worry, the guys at Screaming Frog are here to save the day. Or so we hope.

Source: Izzi Smith

Or we could just go old school and put a hit counter on our website. Ok, so it will primarily pick up spam and won't report conversions, but it will make things more interesting won't it?

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