Best SEO Memes for Google's Latest Core Algorithm Update

So the latest Google Core Algorithm Update is upon us and that means only one thing - PANIC! Just kidding, I'm sure you'll be fine. Even if it isn't, we've collated some of the best memes from around the web to lighten the mood a little.

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The timing of this one, just before Black Friday, has gotten more than a few people pissed off. I'm sure many of you can relate to the following meme:

When Google releases a core algorithm update 9 days before Black Friday

Originally a video about people who microwave fish as work (monsters!), I'm sure anyone who runs an ecommerce site and sees a rankings drop over the next two weeks can relate to this sentiment.

Of course, it wouldn't be 2021 without a Squid Game reference:

Core Algorithm Update meme using Right Light Green Light setting from Squid Game

Nothing hurts more (well, actually, plenty of things hurt more) than flying up the rankings only for Google to change their mind about your site and knock you down a few pages. With extreme prejudice!

When Google says they don't know when the next Core Algorithm Update is - LIAR!

Yeah so when asked a few days earlier if there was an incoming core algo update, several Googlers replied with "umm, no idea". Its not the destruction of our rankings that hurts Google, its the lying! Actually, I take that back. Its definitely the destruction of our rankings that hurts the most.

Of course, not everyone sees a rankings drop during a core algo update, as the following meme from serial memer Izzi Smith demonstrates:

When Google rolls out a core update and your rankings improve

Credit: Izzi Smith

Remember, if your rankings are stable, or even improve, during a Google update its very very important to be smug about it. It makes it that much more painful for those who suffered. So its all worth it.

Of course, many of us suspected that there was an update coming from Google as the following meme from the queen of Core Algorithm Updates, Marie Haynes shows:

you ok? meme

Credit: Marie Haynes

Yes, we did suspect it was coming. No, we were not calm about it. Ha! In fact, some of us were outright upset such as British soap opera legend, Phil Mitchell, is in this meme:

Phil Mitchell - Please don't meme

Its so true Phil. So so true.

The following meme combines my two favourite things; memes and Captain Picard (NERD!). The perfect combination in my opinion:

SEO meme with Darmok setting from Star Trek

Credit: SEO Signals Lab

Let's face it, we put a brave face on things. We claim things like "if your website is good then there's nothing to worry about". But if we're honest with ourselves, we're all worrying as this meme shows:

May be an image of 3 people and text that says "I fear no man. Google algorithm updates Butthatthing. hat thing. But May5 scares me."

Credit: SEO Signals Lab

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