Best Trump mugshot SEO memes

It's only a week late, so we decided to finally get on the bandwagon of creating some SEO memes around the infamous Donald Trump mugshot. So we set a challenge on our facebook group to create the best ones (thanks to Keith and Jake for these).

Here are our best ones.

 When a developer lectures you on how SEO works

This is one that many SEOs have experienced. You do your analysis, make your recommendations and create your brief for the web developers and they come back with "that's not important for SEO". Er, that's not what I asked you dumbass! Maybe I'll sit next to you and tell you how to do your job and see how you like that? Rant over.

When you receive a manual action penalty

You wake up nice and fresh on a Monday, full of optimism for the week ahead. You log into Google Search Console and see this message. Bugger.

When your guest post doesn't index

For those new to the industry, if a page isn't indexed then the links won't pass any equity. And if that link is to your site and you've worked hard to get it on a page that Google will forever ignore, yeah its annoying.

when you make your high ranking content even better and rankings drop

You know the drill, your page is ranking on page 1 but you think you can make it even better. You adhere to all best practice, click publish and wait for all that lovely traffic to flow in only to see your new and improved article slip to page 2. Dammit Google!!

When you pay for a link and they add "nofollow" afterwards

Well tut tut tut for you buying links. Google would not approve and neither would we (touches nose). Luckily we have a handy resource to monitor your backlinks in Google sheets you can use for free.

When you buy a link and they add the sponsored tag

The same situation as the above meme. You put a lot of effort into convincing a blogger to link to your site. Then they put a big sign at the top of the article that says "hey Google, they paid for this link". Dammit! 

When Google discovers your link farm

Admittedly, they don't exactly advertise when this happens. But when it does, they won't just devalue a single site. They'll devalue the entire network. Then all those lovely links that you bought (tut tut) are worthless. Next time, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Got any more memes you want to add? Add them to our Facebook group here.