Bulk generate AI meta descriptions in Google Sheets

Let's face it, writing meta descrptions are boring and time-consuming. Writing large numbers of them can feel like a long and thankless task. Wouldn't it be great if you could speed up the process? Maybe even get artificial intelligence to do the bulk of the work for us? Yeah, that would be awesome! I created a handy Google sheet that does it all for you.

Make a copy of this sheet to have a go yourself.

gif of bulk meta description generator in action

First of all, I should clarify that AI is not a substitute for human-written content. For high volume pages, a good meta description can be the difference between turbo-charged traffic and "meh". This sheet should be considered a guide for when you have large numbers or pages to write meta descriptions for. They should also be manually reviewed and edited as you never know what an AI might generate for your page.

Want to know more about AI content (don't worry its not needed for this tool)? Try a free trial with jasper.ai.

How we did it

Special thanks goes to Danny Richman for this one as he did most of the leg work. I merely modify what he created for my own needs. Check out his website now for videos on how to create your own GPT-3 Google sheets.

GPT-3 is the latest in AI content with a wide range of uses, from answering questions to writing computer code. You can even use it to answer questions in the style of John Mueller. We used it to create meta descriptions, then imported the API into a Google Sheet formula so you can do it too.

Here's a step by step guide on how to get started:

Step 1 - Get sheet

Make a copy of this Google sheet. Make sure you include the app script.

Step 2 - Get API key

Head over to https://beta.openai.com/account/api-keys and sign up. Initially, your free trial will give you access to $18 for free, which is plenty for most projects.

Copy your API key and paste it into the Settings tab of your sheet where prompted.

Step 3 - Prime the API

Your AI generator works best when you give it some examples that you like. I've put some examples in the settings tab, so you don't have to change anything, but adding some that perform well in your industry can help improve your results.

Step 4 - Add your keywords

In the "Meta Descriptions" tab, add your list of primary keywords for your landing pages. You can also add some unique selling points of the service you offer to make the results more appealing to your potential customers.

Step 5 - Get meta descriptions

Once you have your keywords set up, use the formula in the top cell to generate your results. This formula will look as follows:


Once entered, you will get a warning message asking you to confirm. Just accept and your meta descriptions will be ready in seconds.

Have a go at tell us what you think!