The most influential people in SEO... as Bobbleheads!

I've finally jumped on the Midjourney bandwagon as I've seen some beautiful results on social media. One trick I discovered (thanks to Kelvin Newman) is that you can feed in existing images to train the algorithm. This means that you could theoretically create real people in various scenarios. So, for no particular reason, I wanted to see what some influential people in SEO would look like... as Bobbleheads!

I also wanted to judge how well the algorithm can handle the prompts with the input images. The results are, well, mixed.

John Mueller

John Mueller Bobblehead

This one looks pretty cool in my opinion and the similarity is definitely there. I can't help but think he looks a bit sinister here though.

Barry Schwartz

This one does actually look like if Barry was a Funko Pop. And if he wore glasses. I even specifically said "Barry does not wear glasses" in the prompt, but here we are. I tried to ask for him to wear his kippah, but the output had him wearing a baseball cap instead and he looked like Steven Spielberg.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin bobblehead

Ok, not technically an SEO, but he's still highly respected in the SEO industry. Plus, Sparktoro is a nifty tool for SEOs. I'm a little disappointed in this one. I thought Rand would have the perfect face for a bobblehead, but after several attempts the result only has a passing resemblence.

Lily Ray

Lily Ray bobblehead

I tried to get Lily to be playing on some decks on this one, but it hasn't quite been pulled off. It also gave her long har for some reason.

 Aleyda Solis

 Aleyda Solis bobblehead

Apparently, this looks like a nodding version of one of Aleyda's teachers. Who she didn't like. Awkward. I'm not sure how this head is supposed to bobble with that hair.

Izzi Smith

 Izzi Smith Bobblehead

SEO's second best memer (after me, of course!) has a passing resemblence here. I think there's room for improvement though.

Mike King

Mike King bobblehead

The first few attempts at this one looked like a white guy. I had to put "Mike is a black man" into the prompt to get anything with a passing resemblence. Disappointing Midjourney, I expect better in 2023.

Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes bobblehead

I like this one. It doesn't really look like Marie, but I like it.

Areej AbuAli

Areej Abuali as a bobblehead

The legendary Areej here. For some reason, its decided that she no longer wears glasses. I'm not really convinced by this one.

Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz bobblehead

Took a few goes this one, the results were very poor and the prompt took a lot of trial and error. I think there's a passing resemblence now, but I'm not totally convinced.