At SEO Greetings, we believe no one should live in fear of threats, violence or abuse. That's why we are proud to support Refuge, the charity for women and children by donating 5% of all of our sales to them. Some of the great work they do includes:

  • Providing temporary and emergency accommodation for those looking to escape abusive relationships
  • Providing ongoing emotional support to those who are in need
  • Legal advice to those looking to press criminal charges against their abusers
  • Child support workers
  • Domestic abuse helpline

For more information about Refuge, click here.

How much do you donate?

5% of all sales, once taxes have been deducted, will be donated to Refuge.

Is this an official partnership?

Not yet, but we're looking to change that.

How often are donations made?

At the start of each quarter

For more information about our donations, contact us.